September 3, 2009

Fulfilling Childhood Sterotype, Check!

This afternoon Maggie asked to use some scissors. So I got out a couple of sheets of construction paper, set her up at the table, and let her at it. I also left the room. I came back a couple of minutes later and took this picture.
15 minutes later, not hearing anything out of the ordinary (which includes Maggie chattering away to herself) I came back in the room to find this.
At first it didn't click with me that it was her HAIR on the floor. I thought she had shredded her paper really fine with her scissors until I remembered I did not give her yellow paper!!! I did what any camera-loving mother would do. I shrieked, then grabbed my camera and took a shot before she realized that what she did was really naughty. She gave herself some nice framing pieces, wouldn't you say?
Here we are at Great Clips 30 minutes later getting this mess evened out. I know I couldn't fix it at home.
More devastation for the corrective trim.
A front shot. It really is a lot shorter. I wonder if Daddy will notice?
A view of the back. I had the girl round it a little in the back so it wasn't quite so short, but she still had to take off about 2 inches to even it out.

In other news, we have a buyer for our home! The purchase and sale agreement are signed. We just need the home inspection and appraisal to go well, and after that we'll find a new house for us in Williamson County.


Janet Yates said...

Oh my goodness! She did it! Her new hair cut looks so cute, though. Last night Zoe was crying as I brushed out her hair. I asked if she wanted me to cut her hair and she said yes. Smedly overheard and vetoed any decision we were about to make. :) Glad you have a buyer!!!

Nita said...

Congrats on your buyer! That's great news!! I'm sure that will be such a relief to get the inspection done and move on to looking for your new home!

Cute post and I actually really like Maggie's haircut. :)

What did Tyler say?

LA girl said...

Well, I just tried calling you to get the scoop. So happy that you found a buyer. Can't wait to hear the details.

Louisasmom said...

Wow. Even though she lost some lenghth, I think it can be said that you may have dodged a bullet. I've heard of kids who cut right down to the scalp. (shudder)

Congrats on the house sale!!! So excited for all of you!

Anonymous said...
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