September 9, 2009

Mommy's Fancy Post-Its Provide the Best Muse

Yesterday afternoon Maggie found a pen I had out and asked if she could draw on my post-its. I don't know about you, but I love my post-its, especially the fancy ones I get from my mom or whoever for my birthday, Christmas, etc. But I knew Maggie would enjoy drawing on them, so I sacrificed. Maggie really must have liked them, too, because after a minute she said in a very excited voice "Mommy! Mommy, Mommy, I drew a moon, and a man painting the moon blue!"
Then after a couple other scribbled pages, she says "Mommy, I'm drawing a picture of me and my cousin. See, here's me, here's Alexis... oh, and I need to draw Gabby. See, she's little." {and has a caved in head}
These aren't her first stick-figures, but they certainly are the first ones that she's ever had anything to say about them. I think these used post-its are my new favorite. So sweet!

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LA girl said...

I laughed even harder at these drawings. I started crying when you said, "caved head."

That's cool that the man is painting the moon blue. Who would've thunk of that?