September 24, 2009

The Spaids Visited!

Tyler's parents visited this past week. As always, we were busy and the time flew. We went out to eat multiple times, I wowed with my mad couponing skills, Tyler and his Dad fixed a couple of plumbing issues, we shopped, watched a movie, played with Maggie... all things we could do indoors because it rained every single day they were here. Like we were in Seattle or something, not Nashville!!!! I can't remember the last time it rained so hard for so long, not even the residual storm we got from Hurricane Katrina was as bad. Anyway, it's partly sunny today, but no rain at least.

Grandpa played with Maggie just about non-stop. Here they are using her bristle bricks to build a mini version of his new Corvette.

With Gramma in their matching Fresh Produce outfits. The dress really is darling on Maggie, and is the best shade of butter yellow ever!
Tyler's parents got to be here for Maggie's first night at AWANA (a children's Bible club/activity night). Posing with her new "Cubbies" bag - the vest was on back order, and the bag distracted her from the much sought-after vest.
Here she is right after we dropped her off. She wasn't sure she liked it at first, but she was having a great time when we picked her up at the end.

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LA girl said...

I love your mom Tyler. Hi Amron!! Sorry I missed seeing you this visit.