January 12, 2011

32 Weeks

I don't have a photo of my belly with Maggie at 32 weeks, you'll have to wait 2 more weeks for that. But here's my profile from today.

1) At this point all the books I have say the baby should be filling out the available space in utero and their movements are starting to be restricted. HA! That boy flip-flops and hits and kicks like it's going out of style.
2) As of today I've entered my 8th month, and there are 56 days left to sweet baby James' due date, less than 2 full months - yikes! I am hoping he comes a little sooner than March 9th. Any time after Valentine's Day would be fantastic.
3) Sciatica is terrible. I took Maggie to the mall on Tuesday to get in some walking (not in the cold and snow and ice) to help alleviate my pinched nerve. About 1 1/2 laps in, sciatica set in BIG TIME on both sides of my tailbone and on down to my knees - usually it's just in my right leg. I finished my laps walking incredibly slowly and like a stiff 90-year old. I was so embarrassed. The rest Tuesday was rough.
4) I've LOST 2 pounds in the past 2 weeks. So that was a nice surprise at the OB's today. I've been keeping my weight gain down anyway, and though it was certainly not intended, I'm pleased.
5) There are LESS THAN two months to James's debut. From time to time we come across little video clips and pictures of Maggie as a baby, and I am so incredibly happy that we get to go through this all again. Even the sleepless nights, because it is so worth it!
6) I need to get a move on getting the baby's room ready to go. The basics are in place, it's just not painted or decorated.

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