January 12, 2011

Snow Snow Snow and More Snow

We have gotten some REAL snow in Tennessee. It wasn't just a dusting like we normally get (and school closes anyway). Sunday night it started snowing, and when we woke up on Monday there was a good 3 1/2 inches on the ground. Glorious!!! I will say, though, that it is really funny to me how so many people here treat it like the End of Times.

Roads were so bad Tyler's work closed Monday, too. Yay! that meant Tyler would take Maggie outside so I didn't have to. I didn't want to go outside, and I can't find my snow boots, and I'm pregnant, so there. And Monday I still have household chores to do, regardless of snow or Tyler's day off. I powered through laundry while they were outside.

Maggie just reveled in the snow. She loved it!
The beautiful woods.
The view down our street after breakfast. Lovely.
Snow angels. Any time snow is mentioned, snow angels are quick to follow with Maggie. Those black boots belong to Emily, the neighbor girl.
Across the yard at Emily's. They played outside for a bit, then Maggie disappeared into Emily's house for a good portion of the afternoon.
The snow came Sunday night/Monday morning. It's Wednesday night and the snow is still here and has spit a little more each day since. Such a rare occurance here in Nashville - it is usually melted away by the same afternoon. After dinner tonight Tyler took Maggie outside to play for a little bit before bed. Tyler's smile is directly related to the big clump of snow he flicked at me and James - and the fact that it stuck right to my belly. Maggie stayed focused on digging the snow off the porch steps. It was very important to her that they be cleaned off.
And, schools are closed again tomorrow for the 4th day in a row. Seriously.

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