January 30, 2011

34 Weeks

Ahh, 34 weeks. 6 weeks to go. Got some good news this week at my OB's office:
1) I was NOT diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I thought I was, but the OB confirmed on my charts that they were satisfied with my blood sugar readings and I just have to check it every once in a while to verify it's not going up. So that is GREAT NEWS. Not sure how I missed that because I've checked my blood sugar religiously for the past 2 months. Not being labeled a gestational diabetic makes a huge difference in how you are treated - both at the OB's and in the hospital for delivery - so it is a big relief.
2) I am no longer measuring significantly larger than my dates, now I'm just on the larger end of normal instead of gargantuan. Which means no special treatment from the OB, they probably will not do another ultrasound on James unless I start measuring extra large again.
3) the result of #'s 1 & 2 mean I can still try for a VBAC. Yay!

In related news, Maggie is very excited about her baby brother on the way, but to anyone who asks if she's excited with "Yes, but I still wanted a baby sister first."

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