May 12, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This Mother's Day was pretty special. I mean really, TWO babies? I am loving having two children. And also, we were in the market for a minivan, and is just so happens that Tyler found a minivan and picked it up Saturday right before Mother's Day. More about that in a minute.

Mother's Day Out had a Mother's Day celebration. The moms were supposed to wear fun hats or "fascinators" in honor of the royal wedding. I didn't have a fun hat (I'm not that Southern) but I found instructions online for this fascinator and I added the feathers. It took me all of 30 minutes to whip it out. And it was so cute!!!
Maggie wanted to wear her "Snow White" bow (it's red) instead of a fun hat. No problem, it was much less hassle.
Here she is painting her picture of our house that I drew. Her friend Isabella in the background.
And the kids dyed carnations (mine had a blue tint) and custom0named bath salts. Maggie picked the scent she wanted and named it "Surfing Otter." For real. Other kids named their scents sunshine lily or something, I got otter. I am happy to report that after using the bath salts I don't smell particularly like I've been surfing or like an otter so that's good! Maggie said she picked that name because it sounded fun. So Mother's Day weekend, Tyler went to Atlanta to pick up a minivan he found on He got a great deal, of course (I would expect nothing less from Tyler when it comes to car shopping). He surprised me by decorating it with a pink bow and a bottle of wine and chocolates on the front seat. Plus a half-dozen more bottles from Trader Joe's in Atlanta. So I got to be an extra-official mom on sunday, driving my minivan to church.
Sunday was really a perfect day. Not only did I get to drive my new car to church, I got to go to BOTH the church service and our Sunday School class (James' feeding schedule just worked out that day and Tyler took care of him during the service). Then our tradition is French dip sandwiches for lunch afterwards. I love them.

Here's Tyler with James on Mother's Day:
It gets better: I got to take a NAP!!! Then I made more French dip sandwiches for Home Fellowship, one of my favorite things to do each month. And then - wait for it ... James slept through the night! And has continued since Sunday night and today is Thursday. So. Very. Nice.

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