May 3, 2011

Two Months

Here's my darling, super sweet, cuddly little man. See that face? That happy face? I get to see that all the time. It is especially prevalent when a certain little girl comes around with her sing-song voice to talk to her little brother! My how time has just flown by. Two months today! James had his 2-month wellness check this morning: 15 pounds (95 percentile) and 24 inches (82 percentile). He also got several vaccinations, and I'm proud to report I didn't cry! He just cried for a moment, but I nursed him right away and that made it all better. You can see his Toy Story bandaids on his chunky little thighs.

I am really thankful for how quickly we've all adjusted to this squishy, adorable little boy! I'm working on establishing new routines that include getting two children ready for the day, clothed, fed, bathed, loved. Oh, and keeping the house from looking like a pig sty. The new normal is pretty great. Maggie still loves her little brother and showers him with hugs and kisses daily. She had already mentioned that she would like another brother or sister (so impatient!).

This baby stage has been so much fun, too. It was fun with Maggie, but she was the first baby, so I was definitely more rigid and orderly; whereas with James so far we just take each day as it comes. I'm much more relaxed this time around, and I even enjoy (ok, tolerate well) getting up in the middle of the night to feed him. I remember that this phase goes so very quickly, and am all too aware that he may be the last baby (we probably will not try for 3 years for a #3).

And while trying to enjoy this phase, I can't help but want for him to be up and moving and able to interact more with Maggie. In the evenings when she and Tyler have their play time, I can just see a chubby little toe-head tagging along, trying to do everything his big sister is doing. But I am content to wait, and cuddle my sweet little chunker each day along the way.

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Melea said...

He's just so sweet, Melissa. I just love that smile, and those precious chunky legs!