May 12, 2011

Updates: iPhone Pictures

I am finding that I take a lot of photos with my iPhone that I've only posted on Facebook. So I'm going to start doing some iPhone Updates in the future so those photos are here, too. here are some updates from the past couple weeks.

How I clipped my coupons the other day (and also worked on the checkbook this morning).
Olive "helping" me fold the laundry.
Don't tell Daddy - we got ice cream cones after we met him for lunch. They were chocolately and good!
Sleeping baby. Few things are better!
Maggie's CRAZY HAIR for Crazy Hair night at AWANA (Cubbies). It took about 1/3 bottle of conditioner and 45 minutes of combing in the bathtub at 9 at night to get it all out before bed. We won't be doing that again. Her hair stayed all night in this crazy ratted, pink mohawk that looked like cotton candy, but the tangles really are atrocious.

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