May 15, 2011

Sleepover - Fun Times!

My good friend, Kelly, and daughter Savannah came for a visit! Savannah spent the night Friday. Maggie and Savannah had a great time: after dinner they watched Monsters Vs. Aliens and had a big pancakes, sausage and eggs breakfast Saturday morning.

Despite being a little naughty when they were supposed to be sleeping (one of the times I checked on them they were covering themselves in bandaids, another time it was a potty party) they were very cute. I knew they wouldn't go right to bed - who does that at a sleepover? I mean really. I put them to bed about 8:45 but they didn't fall asleep until about 10:45 after I finally threatened to separate them - I wanted to go to bed, too!

When James woke up at 4:50 in the morning (he went right back to sleep after nursing), they woke up and started chatting. I did separate them and put them back to bed as I was not starting my Saturday at 5 in the morning (lazy, I know!). Thankfully they slept until 7 am.

Savannah came up to both of us (Maggie and I) at different times of the visit with big hugs and said "I missed you so much!" She was so very sweet, and we have missed her, too! Maggie even made sure Savannah had her own lamb for bedtime. I thought that was so darn funny. You can't sleep at our house without a lamb, I guess.

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starbucksgirl said...

Just seeing these pics for the first time. They look so cute together. I think that's sweet that Savannah kept telling you that she missed you. She told me she missed Maggie today. I need to show her these pics. Thanks for posting this Melissa.