August 14, 2011

First Weekend in August: County Fair

Last weekend we took the kiddos to the Williamson County Fair. It was hot, but had rained earlier in the afternoon so the crowds weren't too bad.
You know I love me some turkeys! And these were a really neat color.
This bin of corn was probably the highlight of Maggie's day. She played in there for at least 1/2 an hour. Poured corn all over herself, covered her legs, made a "corn angel".
Posing with Daddy.
We let her pick two carnival games. She did the duck pond (
Then she picked the dart game. She actually popped one! The man gave her a stuffed elephant. We thought the rides would be a no-go for Maggie. But she LOVED them! She did the tea cups, mini roller coaster, giant slide and two kiddy lift-type rides all by herself. At the tea cups she didn't want Daddy to go with her (those rides make me vomit) and walked right up to a small group of girls and asked if she could ride with them. I was very proud of my outgoing girl right then.
The roller coaster was her least favorite. She didn't like how it jerked right before it went down the little hill. But she at least did it with a smile.
She is the second kid from the left all the way up there. She marched on up the steps all by herself, and even looked out and down to see me and wave. I was really impressed with how brave she was!
When it was her turn she went down right, no hesitating or acting afraid! Maggie was even happy when it was done - which was a lot better reaction than the water slides last month at Lake Chelan.
Daddy rode the carousel with her.
James is too little to enjoy most of the fair, but Maggie always makes an effort to keep him happy. We sat down for dinner and immediately she got him to laugh and giggle!
My favorite boys!
And I remembered to have Tyler take a photo with me and Maggie.
At the end of the afternoon, there was a "wild west" show with wolves. We thought it would be a good idea for Maggie to see them up close since they have been the center of her nightmares lately (poor baby!). She really liked seeing them, but hasn't helped the scary dreams.
Next year we plan on going a little later in the afternoon than we did before. We were hot and tired before the sun went down and missed out the fireworks on seeing all the rides lit up. We had a great time for our first family trip to the fair.

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