August 22, 2011

Maggie's First Day(s) of Kindergarten

Wow. My little 8 pound, 5 ounce pink little bundle of amazing preciousness just came home from the hospital, and here she is going to kindergarten!!!

I say first days of kindergarten because last Wednesday and Friday she had "transition" days for starting kindergarten. Not regular days, but orientation -type days, and her OFFICIAL first day of kindergarten was today, Monday. So since I am thoroughly confused as to what I should be considering her first day, I took two sets of pictures.

Here's last Wednesday:

I was very concerned about her being happy about going to school. She seemed excited at times, but in the weeks leading up to Wednesday there were still times that she acted really conerned about school, too. All tmy fears were put to rest after she got to her class, we put up her lunch and backpack in her cubby, and she sat at the table to start working on her Gingerbread Man necklace. I took the above picture and she says to me "Aren't you going home? I want you to go now." Well! That made it all better for me. She was excited to be there and didn't want me, so out the door I went. No tears from either of us. That afternoon when I picked her up she gushed about all that she did, and friends she had made and the school. Relief!

Here are pictures from today:
Pink and Hello Kitty and light-up shoes. A perfect first day outfit if I do say so myself!
Sometimes having to push a stroller has it benefits (other than the sweet chubby baby inside that stroller): like seeing how much Maggie loves her daddy and how much her daddy loves his little girl.
And my two sweet babies: 5 months and 5 years.
(sappy letter for my baby)
My dear Maggie,
The house is a whole lot quieter with you in school each day now. I miss your smiling face and toothless smile already. I can't wait to see and hear about all that you are learning this year. I am so glad you are becoming more independent and sure of yourself, but remember I'm always here for you, and like I always say you can always talk to me about anything. I love you and I am so proud of you. The Lord has blessed me beyond measure with you.
Love, Mama

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