August 5, 2011


Wednesday Tyler's work closed early so we could go swimming at his bosses house - it has been SO hot here we haven't been outside a whole lot unless water is involved, and I keep James inside most of the time because he is too little for sunscreen yet. Carl's pool is surrounded by trees, so when we got there it was nice and shady - a perfect place to swim all afternoon!

We got Maggie to ditch her tube and "swim" in her life jacket. I feel much safer with her in it, and I think it helped her feel more comfortable in the water.
James had a great time in the water.
Here's the little man giving me kisses! It was so sweet.
Gotta have a picture of Maggie and a beer bottle. It was empty, folks. Chill. And Gramma Amron, as soon as Maggie saw her next-year's swimsuit was a two piece, even though the top is a rash guard, she insisted on wearing it. We have been having the bikini battle for some time now (she wants one, we have said absolutely not) - this quelled the issue with her. Baggy bottoms and all she loves to wear this suit. It will fit better next year.
James finally gave it up and fell asleep in the stroller I got out so we could eat dinner without having to control his grabby hands. I love his little popped up leg there!
Thanks, Carl, for letting us swim in your pool!

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