August 5, 2011

James is 5 Months - August 3

Here is my little man! This past month we have started blowing bubbles, rolling on our sides, got a tooth, started playing with toys... really growing fast! And still, so happy! We had a couple days with many tears, he is teething and I think had a small virus, but now we're back to happy and smiley and flirty. James has the best waggling eyebrows I've ever seen! And he will smile and flirt with just about anyone. We are all still so much in love with our little buddy.
July 22 he had his 4-month wellness visit (late because we were on vacation) and he measured 27 inches long and weighed 19 pounds 7 ounces. I'm sure he's a good 20 pounds by now as he gained about an ounce a day between his appointment on July 1 in Seattle and this most recent visit.

Little Man is needing a lot more stimulation than just laying on the floor these days. He loves to roll over and chew on the toys I put out for him, but that lasts only so long. I will say that he is already starting to pull his knees up under himself when he rolls to his tummy - maybe he will crawl sooner than Maggie?

I pulled out the Exer-saucer and he loves it.
And I've started putting him in the Bumbo with some toys, too. This one needs more supervision- his spastic hands clear off the toys pretty quick and an empty tray creates a sad baby pretty quickly. Most days now I spend a good deal of time moving him between a blanket on the floor with toys, the Bumbo, the Exer-saucer and the swing (4th set of batteries, by the way and I think the motor is about to seize up).
We had a new friend come over - Josiah (and big brother Elijah). These two are only 2 1/2 weeks apart. Josiah's mom, Diana, is thinking about cloth diapers so I went over what we do and lent her some to see if she wants to go for it. We are so very thankful for our precious, sweet little man! Every good and perfect gift is from above!

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