August 11, 2012

4th of July

Ok, well, actually the 3rd, Maggie came home with Poppy & Meme and Tyler turned 35. I am married to a middle-aged man, can you believe it?! Underneath that white frosting is a pink cake. Tyler's favorite cake is cherry chip. This is a hard flavor to find in Nashville, so after searching all over town, I ended up making a strawberry cake. He loved it.
Here is Maggie doing crafts with Poppy. That was pretty funny.
4th of July we went to the local park for the fireworks show. James pushed his stroller all over - with Poppy right on his heels. James was just starting to walk at this point, and it was so super cute to see him up and around. Let it be known it was so stinkin' hot that weekend - 100-107 the WHOLE week.
Here is my super cute boy before the humidity worked up his adorable curls.
Poppy treated us all to glow sticks before the fireworks started. They were so much fun - James and Maggie loved them, but I thought they were pretty neat, too.  
Fireworks! Our little town puts on a great fireworks show, it would be nice if they coordinated it to music better than they do - just running patriotic music end to end until the fireworks stop.
So while my dad was here I put him to work. I had him build an arbor for a wedding I did. He did a fantastic job in scorching heat!
Meme took me and the kids to the zoo. It was hot, but a lot of fun. Maggie really enjoyed reading the map this visit.
Here's Sylvia (Meme) and Maggie in front of the flamingos, Meme's favorite birds.
And here I am with James, I had Maggie take this picture to commemorate James' FIRST word (that I heard, anyway). "GOAT." Not Mama, not Dada, goat. And then he quickly said "duck" when we went to see the ducks.
We had a great visit with them!

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