August 10, 2012

Maggie's Summer Trip

Maggie spent the last two weeks of June in Washington with the grandparents. My mom came out, spent a couple days with us, and then flew her to Seattle, she got to spend time with Gramma Sue & Grampa Jones, Gramma and Grampa Spaid, and Poppy & Meme. Then, Poppy & Meme brought her home.

It was a great trip - she got to spend time with her cousins, all the grandparents got their fill, and I am so glad she got to go. Here are some pictures of her travels.

Here she is with her cousins, Alexis and Gabby. Apparently pants are not required at the beach.

 She went with Gramma Sue and Grampa to Campbell's Resort at Lake Chelan. She stayed in the pool almost all day every day, unless the weather wasn't cooperating. when not swimming, the ducks next to the room were a big hit.
 And ducks in the room were even better!
Fishing off the dock with Gramma's pink pole.
And Maggie wrapped up her time with Gramma on their boat for a day. They went out to Jetty Island and slept overnight on the boat. She barely had enough time in her day to talk to me. And told Gramma "this is the best day, EVER!"
Then she got to have more fun with the Spaids. Also too busy to talk to me on the phone.
The end of her trip was with Poppy & Meme. She got to go to a llama show with them then headed to their house in Spokane. Tilly is their mastiff, she's about the size of a VW Beetle at this point. 
Playing in the castle!
Poppy and Meme took the kids to the sprinkler park while I was working on a wedding. The kids had a great time!

And one morning we were blessed with a mama deer and her fawn in the backyard. It was amazing!

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