August 27, 2012

First Grade!

Maggie's first day was August 10th. Yes, the 10th, a Friday. And school was only a half day at that. A little silly, but whatever. I continued the tradition of taking her picture the first day.Note to self: do not let her pick her own outfit for the first day of school. I liked having a picture of her in the same outfit on the first and last day, to see how she's grown. She chose clothes from LAST year to wear, and they are already a little small! They are going to look pretty funny next May if she keeps growing like she has.
Here she is with James. Those two are crazy - it was hard to get a picture of the two of them both looking at the camera at the same time!
And at her REAL desk this year. She was really excited about that.

She's been in school for about 3 weeks now, and she still doesn't like 1st grade. "It's not as fun as I thought it was going to be. There's a lot of work and papers and it's boring!" The class is still doing review work: writing letters properly, easy counting an addition that they worked on last year, etc. Nearly every paper she brings home is done perfectly, any mistakes I see are from laziness not from not knowing the answers.

My hope is that once we move past all the review and her teacher gets into new materials Maggie is more interested and invested. Currently her favorite "classes" at school are snack time, recess and lunch. And sometimes the "specials" class - things they have once a week, because "those classes are at the end of the day and then we get to line up for the bus."

She has also made it very clear that she wants to ride the bus both in the morning and home in the afternoon. James cries nearly every morning when she heads out the door. It's very sweet. 

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