March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

Here are pictures of us with Maggie.

We just had a quiet day at home after church. My Mom called me in the afternoon to wish us a "Happy Easter", and to let me know that my Gramma DeHoog had a massive heart attack Saturday night. She survived, but is in the hospital. My Mom said that Gramma really thought she was going to die this time (she's had some serious health problems for many years now).

So, I've been thinking about death a little bit, and how Easter really is such a comfort in times like this. Gramma DeHoog is a believer, and even though the actual process of dying and death and thinking about everyone you are leaving behind may be scary, after death isn't. Believing in Jesus and loving Him makes the after life so awesome: the promise of heaven and being in the presence of God forever. So how does this relate to Easter being a comfort? Jesus died on the cross, and three days later rose again, of his own power. Jesus' death would not have been so remarkable except that He did rise, and in doing so He conquered sin. His death on the cross for our sins makes it possible for us to have a relationship with God, because God demands punishment for our sins. Since God is eternal, our punishment is eternal, except that Jesus somehow took/absorbed/satisfied all that eternal punishment in 3 days. And when you believe in Jesus, like Gramma DeHoog does, you can have a close, personal, intimate, sweet relationship with the Creator of the Universe. In heaven, there is no fear, no judgement, no hell when you are with Jesus. There is no other way, and no other god or belief system you can follow guarantees- without exception- salvation and eternity in heaven except for the God of the Bible. The real celebration and miracle of Easter: a RISEN Lord and Savior!

He is risen, He is risen indeed.


Arreguin Family said...

Alexis said "there's Maggie!" and when I pointed to Tyler and asked her who that was she said "Uncle Tiger!" Close enough!!!

Janet Yates said...

Good post, Melissa. I love Easter. What a great time to celebrate what Christ has done for us, to celebrate God's amazing grace and to be in awe that He would do that for his enemies. Love and miss you. BTW, you all look great in your easter attire. ;)