March 21, 2008

New art shirt

Gaga (Amron) sent Maggie the coolest smock/bib/thing for Maggie for Easter. We had to try it out with her dots pens the other day. You will note in the first picture that she stacked her lids to the dots pens. This HAD to be done BEFORE dotting could begin. I don't think she colors with her dots pens without stacking the lids anymore. OCD kid, I tell you what!
To go along with that, if she draws on her hands, which is inevitable, she insists that I clean it all up before she continues. I don't know how many times we've had the talk that goes something like this:
Me: Maggie, do NOT draw on your hands. Your dots are for the paper only.
-several minutes later - Maggie: Mommy, I need wash hands.
Me: Maggie, Mommy is not going to wash your hands until you are done with your dots. They can be messy right now.
Maggie: Mommy, I need wash hands. (said at least 2 times in a row, now slightly whiny)
Me: Maggie, did you draw on your hands?
Maggie: Yeah.
Me: Did Mommy tell you not to draw on your hands?
Maggie: (slowly and with reluctance) Yeah.
Me: Ok. You disobeyed Mommy by drawing on your hands. They can be messy until you are done. I am not going to clean them right now. You can go over to your easel and keep doing dots until you are done.
- repeat previous 5 lines at least 3 times -
Maggie: Mommy, all done.
Me: You are done with dots? (there are like 3 marks on the paper, and her hands have more ink on them)
Maggie: Yeah. All done dots.
Me: Ok. Let's pack up your dots, and then we can wash your hands.
Maggie: Ok. Mommy, I need wash hands.
... so we wash hands, and put the dots up. Hilarious. It goes the same way every time. She will do her dots for 5, maybe 10 minutes at a time. But she really likes them. Has to take them out of the box herself, open them herself, set them up in the bins herself, stack the lids herself. Mommy is only allowed to help put on her art shirt. She can even put the lids back on the right colors now, which was surprising. I didn't think she'd care or know how, but that's my very independent, OCD kid. I'm sure both my Mom and Amron are getting a kick out of this - Maggie is such a perfect blend of me and Tyler as kids...

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