March 22, 2008

First Annual Spaid Family Easter Egg Hunt, 2008

This afternoon we hid eggs in the yard for Maggie! It was a lot of fun to watch her pick through her basket and then find the eggs we put out. We aren't in the pictures - we were in the middle of some home improvements and were not fit for photographic exposure. Our neighbor came over right as I was getting ready to put out the eggs and gave me two bags of the prefilled eggs. It was really nice, and her basket was spilling over when she was done.

I have to admit that while she was finding eggs I kept saying "put all your eggs in the basket" and it really bugged me since as the saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket" haunted me. I had to resist the urge to go in the house really quick and get her another basket. I know - I'm ridiculous. Oh well.

Her basket. Amron got Maggie a monogrammed basket for her first Easter, so we are going to keep using it. Target had a bunch of great stuff in their dollar section: Sesame Street books & generic play dough made their way into her basket.
Finding eggs.

The faithful "cheese" face.
Proud of her eggs.
I did empty out about 80% of her eggs that did have candy in them, so in her big bag of eggs she wants to play with there are just a couple with candy yet. I'm sure she will have a heyday every time she finds one with candy in it.

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