March 4, 2008

Whoa! Mel's 30!!!

I turned 30 this weekend. I woke up with a kink in my back on my birthday - a sure sign of old age!

Friday night Tyler took me to Margot Cafe - a FABULOUS little gourmet restaurant in Nashville. It was awesome. My mom was here, so we even got to go by ourselves for real adult time, no Maggie. We topped off the evening with lattes at Bongo Java, a local coffee shop next to Tyler's alma mater, Belmont University. I didn't take pictures that night, sorry!

Saturday, my birthday, was quite exciting! First thing in the morning we went to our friends the Lotts for Taylor's first birthday party. That was a lot of fun! She is so darn cute.

In the afternoon, we continued working on tiling the backsplash in the kitchen (see the above post for more info) and had the biggest fright of my life at Home Depot. I was in the middle of renting a tile saw when Tyler said "where's Maggie?" He had sent her to me from the cart, and somewhere in the 20 feet between me and him, she turned herself around and ran to the opposite corner of the store looking for me. By the time a Home Depot employee had gotten her I was in tears and running frantically yelling her name. It took a good hour for the adrenaline rush to wear off. I couldn't have been more scared.

When we got home we continued to cut and lay tile for the rest of the afternoon. Tyler kept pushing me about dinner, and I was so consumed with the tile I didn't realize what he was doing ... We ate a very fancy birthday dinner of Sonic burgers, tots and onion rings (I had my nice meal the night before, and Sonic was easy) and as soon as we were done he wanted to have cake. What? He said something like "cake is fun, but better if we can eat it with other people" right before Seath, Dixie & Zayli and Gene and Heather knocked on the door. Yay! He surprised me! That doesn't happen very often.

And, I got the birthday gift I had asked for: new dishes. The ones we got when we got married are just about 9 years old now, and really getting worn out. New dishes:
Overall it was a great birthday, even if we lost Maggie at Home Depot for 5 minutes.


Sonja said...

Happy Birthday!

kimi said...

cherry limeaid for your bday sounds pretty awesome to me! I didn't know this was the 3-0! WOW! welcome to the old lady club! kisses!