September 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Here's a fun blog game. You get tagged, and have to answer a ton of stuff about yourself. I have an embarrassing life, so here goes:
20 years ago: I was 10. I was a crossing guard at school so I could get out of going to daycare in the mornings. After school, if I had crossing guard duty, I would do that, then walk the 2 miles to my daycare lady's house, because that was WAY safer than just staying home in my own house that I could lock up. I hated going to daycare. I could never go to my friends' houses after school like everyone else, and everyone was always asking why I couldn't come over. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, I also remember trying to do my hair all cool one day, and ended up just putting in WAY too much of my mom's mousse in my hair and it looked like a floppy mohawk. I remember the teacher making a comment about it, but that was it. I'm sure I washed it out when I got home so my parents didn't see it.
10 years ago: I was 20. Tyler and I were engaged, I was frantically trying to finish up my undergrad degree at the University of Washington so we could get married "on schedule" in 1999. My hair was it's natural color (I know, a shock to everyone who knows me now) and long. And I had bangs (i love my bangs), not poofy bangs, but the kind that you wear straight down, trimmed above your eyebrows. In addition to going to college full-time and commuting from home, I volunteered as a girl's leader in the Jr. High youth group in our church, and I worked as the admin assistant for the youth pastor, Pete Badgett. Pretty much all I did at home was sleep and do some homework. Embarrassing moment: I got pooped on by a bird at the bus stop (EVERYONE took public transportation at the UW) on my way home. All I can say is 1) Praise God it was a tiny little sparrow and 2) I felt like little bugs were crawling all over me until I got home and showered.
5 years ago: we has been in Nashville for a year already, married for 4 years and I started working at BPS&M/Wells Fargo at the beginning of the year. I loved that job. I loved my cubicle (I'm not joking), loved the people I worked with (did not always loved Hunter, the big cheese), loved what I did - customer service and payroll processing for a big company's retirement plan. We were in our first house, just something we rented, and loved it. Tyler was still in grad school at Belmont and working at BMI. We were and still are at Community Bible Church, I was volunteering in the Jr. High group with Janet and Smed, and went to the college/career group on Thursday nights (I LOVED that night). It was an awesome time in my life. I also learned to wakeboard that year during a youth group trip to the lake. Thanks, Smed! Tyler graduated from Belmont in December of 2003. Embarrassing moment: not sure about that one. I think I had an embarrassment-free year.
3 years ago: I was pregnant with Maggie. I was still at Wells Fargo and loving it, except the part where I had really bad morning sickness and had to basically lean my chair back as far as it would go and put the keyboard on my lap and work laying down. Tyler was working at Charlie Peacock's, and learned to loosen up his "Dilbert" mentality. Also a very good year. Embarrassing moment: on the way home from a weekend at the lake with our home fellowship friends, I got some major carsickness (I blame Maggie for this) while riding home with Jamin & Christie Dunn. I couldn't get it to go away, so being stuck in traffic and Jamin was unable to get to the shoulder in time, I had to just open the door and barf while we were driving.
1 year ago: Tyler started a new job, our house got broken into, and Maggie was violently ill, all in 3 weeks time. It was a lot of stress, but God carried us through that time with a lot of peace. I worked at our church's Mother's Day Out program first as a sub, then as a teacher in the 1-year old's room one day a week. It was really fun to be there with Maggie, except when the other babies were crying and screaming and pooping. But, it got me out of the house, and I was able to serve. I started doing flowers more seriously. Embarrassing Moment: Maggie learning the word "boob" (I know! Wash my mouth out with soap!) and proceeding to scream it at the top of her lungs with glee while trying to open up my shirt, at the airport, in line getting ready to board the plane and being unable to get out of the situation.
Today: I dropped Maggie off at Mother's Day Out, ran to the grocery store and am home, writing this blog entry instead of cleaning house! Wednesday's are important with another wedding season upon me: it's my grocery-checkbook-clean house day. I love picking Maggie up from MDO and seeing her fun crafts and hearing about her day, and am looking forward to picking her up this afternoon. Embarrassing Moment: all the things I just shared with the world wide web and all 2 of my blog readers.
Tomorrow: I am watching Zayli. We will probably watch a Disney DVD, read some books, play outside in Maggie's tubes (see some prior post for a picture of these), eat lunch, play some more... Tomorrow night is also the season premiere of Survivor, and 30 Rock, I think. Tyler and I have watched every season of Survivor - it started the fall right after we got married.
Next year: well, that's hard to say what we'll be doing. Probably a lot of the same ol', and probably some new. It will be our 10th wedding anniversary and we'd like to go to NYC for a long weekend to celebrate, but we'll see. Hopefully I will be a lot more patient and kind and long-suffering and gentler (and thinner) but mostly I just desire to be more like Jesus would like me to be. I am a big sinner in need of some sanctification.

My turn to tag: Becky Harrelson, Niki Spangler, Matt/Kathy Lott, Heather Tucker, Tara Arreguin.


The Arreguin's said...

What are all the questions I have to answer?

starbucksgirl said...

Great post Melissa. Now that both of your blog readers have perused the entry you can rest easy. I didn't realize that we had to post embarassing moments. Oh my. The Jamin Dunn car event was a doosy.

Can't wait to see you on Friday. I'm feeling slightly better today. Hope to be good to go on Friday.