September 2, 2008

Phoenix trip

This past weekend we visited with Tara and Alex, their girls, and John & Amron. Ok, I don't have all the pictures, Tara took some, and she may post them on her blog. But, here's what I do have:
Swimming at the pool. Alexis is a fish, Maggie is still trying to like the water this year. But,a fter 3 days of being in the water, she got a lot better, and would even float for a little bit without her feet touching. Here she is with Gramma (Maggie has progressed from calling Amron Gaga to Gramma all by herself).
Lunch poolside.
Trying to get all three girls to look at the camera and smile all the same time is VERY hard.
Parenting FAIL! Just kidding. The bottle was empty. But it makes for a funny shot. Gabby is such a little cutie!!!
Two cousins who love each other very much! They played really well together all weekend.
Lunch with the Yates girls on Sunday. We got to visit with Janet & Smedly Yates on Sunday. Janet made the best homemade pizza ever!
Group photo after church. Janet with Smed holding Emet, Evi & Zoe down front, Tyler, Maggie and I, and our friend Vadra with daughter Jane. Vadra came down from Nashville to visit Janet the same weekend. It was so much fun to be together.
And, how can we visit Phoenix without In-N-Out? We had to stop there on our way back to the Spaid's after church Sunday night. The dopamine was flowing, I tell you (meaning it tasted so darn good)! Maggie got to have some very watered-down lemonade with her cheeseburger and fries. Her first sip of the milkshake was good, but after about 3 more sips, she decided it was yucky. Too bad for her, but good nes for me!
We had a great time with everyone. The trip was, of course, too short.

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Janet Yates said...

Ok, you're way too fast for me!! I just now thought about making a new post on my blog. :) It was so good to see you guys. Thanks for fitting us in! It's a date for next year, too.