September 21, 2008

People in the South, Chill!

Ok, so for everyone who doesn't live down here, I'd like to explain about our gas shortage. The day before Hurricane Ike struck Texas, everyone, seriously everyone, made a run on the gas stations here in town because it was threatened that we would be running low for a week or two. So, prices jumped over 30 cents in one day, and you had to wait in line for 10-20 minutes, stations were running out, and the local news made it sound like the end of the world was coming.

Last night we went out in Tyler's car to fill up since he is under 1/4 tank, but the only station we found had seriously 30 cars in line in each direction. I lucked out and got gas on Thursday - I did wait about 10 minutes, and paid $4.10 a gallon, but this weekend I heard several people say they had to wait upwards of 30 minutes for like $20 worth. One of our friends went out at 2 a.m. this morning to get gas, and still ended up waiting for 40 minutes! Another friend got gas Friday night, and as he was filling up, the attendant turned out all the lights and ran to his car. He told my friend the gas was running out, and he wasn't going to stick around for it. Like people would riot or something? I guess there are only 25 out of 950 stations with gas right now, but we are supposed to be back in a good supply by Tuesday. HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF CARPOOLING? Or maybe even staying home for a day? Good grief! It's not that big a deal, people. It is a short-term shortage. We will have gas on Tuesday.

Don't tell anyone that it is supposed to snow (not really)- Kroger will run out of bread and milk! We actually run out of milk and bread when it threatens to snow. People here are crazy. Bless their hearts!

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starbucksgirl said...

Hey, I pulled into that large gas station on Moore's Lane today and pulled right up to the pump and filled up my car. No lines. No high prices. No attendants sneaking out to avoid riots. I thought it was pretty eerie because I kept hearing about the shortage while I was in CA last week. I think the shortage must have been a myth.