October 30, 2008

Gatlinburg 2008

The fall trip to Gatlinburg is becoming an annual tradition. This year we went with Anthony & Meredith Brooks & Riley, Jamin & Christie Dunn & Nyah & Aubrey. This is the first year we've brought our kids. Maggie LOVED having Nyah to play with.

We did have one unhappy surprise there - SCORPIONS!!! There was a dead one in our bedroom, which we found pretty early on the first night we got there. Then, about 10 or so, Meredith found a live one in their bathroom. Then, since we all had our precious babies with us, we started searching our rooms for them. That, of course, required waking up all the soundly sleeping kiddos so we could search their beds. Jamin & Christie found a live one in their bedroom, then we found a 2nd in our bedroom, another in the game room, and 3 more in the laundry room. EEK!!! 8 scorpions. We were NOT happy. Maggie didn't go back to bed until 1 a.m. But, it turns out the scorpions in the Great Smoky Mountains are relatively harmless and fairly rare (8 out of the remaining 10 were in our cabin). I will not be posting any pictures of scorpions here, they are too gross.

On to the fun:
The older girls, Nyah and Maggie, were getting restless Saturday after breakfast, so I took them on a walk outside. We walked to 2 neighboring cabins and gathered leaves. I made them into a centerpiece for the table.
Tyler and Jamin took the girls in the hot tub while the ladies were shopping at the outlet mall on Saturday. I didn't pack Maggie's swimsuit, so she got to go in the tub in her panties. Good thing she's not even 3.

Saturday afternoon project: caramel apples. The girls had lots of fun helping me unwrap the caramels, and then decorating their apples with sprinkles.
The girls (and adults) got to enjoy caramel apples after dinner.

Waiting for brunch on Sunday. We thought about going to the Apple Barn for brunch, but the traffic in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville is enough to make anyone go insane. It's worse than Seattle rush-hour traffic. So, we took the back way out of town and ate at Cracker Barrel.
Aubrey and Nyah at brunch.
Maggie loved the biscuits!


The Harrelson Family said...

Scorpions reminds me of our trip to Mexico with the high schoolers. Weren't you there the year Becky N. got bitten by one. Cute pictures. I can't wait to see picture of Maggie's costume.

starbucksgirl said...

I really liked the pic of all of you on the porch at Cracker Barrel. That's a classic.

Janet Yates said...

I can't even believe you found scorpions. I'm so scared of stepping on one here while I'm barefoot. It looks like such a fun trip, though.

starbucksgirl said...

I would like to see a posted pic of the scorpions (even if they're gross). I want to remember why I'm never going to rent a cabin in Gaitlinburg.

starbucksgirl said...

Hey, it looks like my friend Cherie Baker Vann knows your friends the Harrelson's. Small world.