October 22, 2008

More Cabo Pics

Just a couple more pics from our trip.
One of the hotel pools.
Is this the picture of relaxation or what? The ocean was so relaxing to listen to.
The surprise dress I bought for the formal farewell dinner. I found it on a whim at Macy's during a clearance sale. It was originally $139.00, and I got it for $20.40 plus tax. NO JOKE! Tyler loved it! I didn't take a picture of the back, but it has a kick-pleat section in the back. So cool!!!
The morning we left, Tyler and I got a nice surprise. Two whales spent about 15 mintues in the waters off our hotel. I haven't seen whales in a very long time, so it was a real treat. The sun was really bright that morning and I couldn't see my display screen to take this picture - I just aimed it at where I thought the whales were and zoomed in. What a wonderful surprise to load my pictures to my computer and find this.

And I would like to give a big "thank you" to Tyler's parents for coming out to watch Maggie. I never worried about her or how she was doing, and I know she was in great hands having the time of her life. Maggie is constantly asking me when we can see Gaga and Papa again (she calls them Gramma and Grampa when they are here, but has reverted to calling them Gaga and Papa now that they are gone). She also says "I wanna go to my birt-day party" because she knows they are coming back for her birthday. How funny!


Janet Yates said...

I LOVE your dress! You look great. How cool that you got to see those whales. I've never seen whales that are not in an aquarium.

starbucksgirl said...

va, va, vroom on that dress girl. Love it!! You look gorgeous. Geez, you're a pretty girl. :)

That pic of your feet doesn't even look real. It looks as though you cut and spliced your feet into the picture.

I'll miss you next week while I'm gone. Can't wait to catch up with you when I return. Hope the wedding goes well this weekend.