October 30, 2008

Jack-O-Lanterns 2008

Here are my pumpkin creations this year. Halloween totally snuck up on me this year. Gaga and Papa got Maggie a pumpkin at the pumpkin farm when we were in Mexico, but I didn't get any other pumpkins until Monday. Yesterday, after I picked up Maggie from Mother's Day Out, I brought the pumpkins in the house and carved all three. I love all these this year, the ones with eyes are a kit that comes with plastic eyes you insert so they glow. Pretty cool.
I'll post pictures of Maggie's costume Halloween night if I can, otherwise Saturday night.


starbucksgirl said...

oh, I really like the cat one. Very nice job. Too bad Tyler doesn't like the pumpkin seeds. Maybe you should carmelize them next time; they don't even taste like pumpkin seeds after you are done. LOL.

Janet Yates said...

Your pumpkins look great! I can't wait to see what Maggie is going to be this year.