October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

This year Maggie went as a pink princess. I got this costume on clearange last year at The Children's Place Outlet, for, wait for it, $1.50. No kidding!!! I got it the first weekend in December on last year's trip to Gatlinburg. You can't s it in the pictures, but she's got on TONS of glitter in her hair, on her face, and "Sprinkle" chapstick (it had glitter in it). Maggie loved getting to have all those "sprinkles" in her hair.

We went to church for the "Fall Festival" after stopping for a quick visit to our grocery store for some candy and cookies. Here's Maggie and Daddy. When we got out of the car at the store she would not let go of lamb, so Daddy had to carry the princess wand. Maggie as the pink princess, Zayli as a fairy (pronounced Berry, according to Zayli). Decorating our own pumpkin cookie.Maggie enjoying a wonderful homemade Shirley Haskins donut at the fall festival. Seriously, we tried and tried to get her to look at Daddy while he took the picture. I went as my alter-ego, Super Flower Girl. =) Bouncing on the ramp into the bouncy castle. Maggie did not want to actually go into it. Facepainting. She did a great job holding still for the girl that did the painting. She got a litle red butterfly, and didn't touch it or rub it the rest of the evening. Trying yet again to get Maggie to look at the camera. Eating her favorite candy, a sucker. The duckie pool was her favorite booth again this year. She loves that pool of water. She had a great time at the festival - pitched a HUGE fit on the way out the door, which continued on the 10-minute drive home and into the house. Despite that, it was a really fun night, it's so fun to see her enjoy getting dressed up and understand the fun a little more.


Janet Yates said...

Smed laughed at the picture of Tyler holding the pink fuzzy princess wand!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie,
You have un dia bien divertido he..

Me too I was in a castillo in the Church I enjoy I eat alot candys no more......

You are looking like una princesita!!!

Bendiciones Lucy

starbucksgirl said...

Melissa, are you at Publix for that cookie decorating? Those look good. That castle thing was a blast. I went in it myself and it was soooooo fun. I think I'll dress up as a princess next year so that I can go in it again. Want to go with me? LOL.