October 16, 2008


Here we are! Tyler and I are in Cabo San Lucas this week. We were SO blessed by Tyler's company to be sent on this trip. So far it has been a great time!!! And, we've got wireless internet in our room. It's slower like dial-up, but at least we can check email.

We've gotten to sleep in (but I can't sleep much past 8, I'm too used to Maggie waking me up at 7 every morning, I guess), eat awesome food - had my first lobster, go to some great dinner parties, go snorkeling and tour the city. It has changed a lot since I was here in 1996.

So here are some pictures: the view of the hotel pools and the Sea of Cortez from our balcony.
We took a catamaran trip to go snorkeling on Wednesday, it went right past our hotel, so here it is.
Getting ready to snorkel. There were not as many different kinds of fish as I remember from the trip I took here with my family my senior year of high school, but it was still a lot of fun.
After snorkeling, the catamaran took our group to the arch.
And, before dinner last night at "The Office". The food and beverages were spectacular!


starbucksgirl said...

Yeah, a new post. I've been waiting to see pics of Cabo!! Thanks for the update. I wish you would come back home; it seems like you've been gone forever.

I won't be at mom's group next week because my parents will be here and then I leave the next week because we're going on vacation so we won't see each other for conversation for 3 weeks. That's almost too much to bear. :)

BTW, I don't think the corn is yours because it showed up last week at mom's group and you weren' there (but check anyway).

Come back home to your friends who love you...

lucy said...

Hola Melissa, El cabo san Lucas se ve muy bonito he..

I am happy for you that you can go too and Amron and John are enjoy Maggie doing every day someting new and great time.

Disfrutalo y trata de dormir un poco mas hasta las 9am. Saludos a Tyler chaooo Lucy

Janet Yates said...

Wow! How fun. I'm glad you guys got to go on such a fun trip.