April 11, 2009

Eggs in the Yard

After Maggie's nap Saturday, she got to collect the copious amounts of eggs we put out in the yard for Easter. And I mean copious - I had all these cool eggs I purchased on clearance after Easter the previous two years, and of course I had to fill them all. Of course.

She now really understands that the eggs are filled with treats now, and was so excited to pick them up.

In this short clip she finds an egg with Sleeping Beauty - excuse me - Sleeping BLeauty. If you try to correct her, it goes one of two ways: 1) "No, Mama. It's Sleeping BLEAUTY." 2) "That's what I said, Sleeping BLEAUTY." And, things are BLEAUTIFUL.

Posing with her bounty.
More Easter festivities tomorrow!

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