April 23, 2009

Rodeo Day @ MDO

Wednesday was Rodeo Day at Mother's Day Out. Let me tell you HOW MUCH I love theme days.

Quite a few of the kids got dressed up for the occasion (one little girl came in a full leather vest, chaps and matching hat combo!). I picked up a pink and blue bandana for Maggie that would work with the rest of the clothes she's already got. I thought she could still wear her pink cowboy boots, but they just would not go on. I swear she wore them last month once or twice, however, she has definitely outgrown them. So sad! I love those boots. Without boots, she wanted to wear her pink glittery flip-flops. It was chilly outside in the morning and I put her pink leggings on under her demin skirt. The resulting look of pink & blue bandana, blue shirt, denim skirt, pink leggings and pink glitter flip-flops was hip cowgirl. Not sure how I managed to be so cool. But, according to Kelly Webster, I am THAT mom. Kelly is the mama of Maggie's friend, Savannah. check out her cute freckles (click here)!
There were all kinds of games inside, everyone got a cute little cowboy/girl vest and cowboy hat, but the highlight for all the kids was the pony! One of the families that used to come to MDO has a horse farm, and every year they bring a horse for the kids to ride on. I was surprised that Maggie rode the pony without me. at the Greek Festival this past fall, she kept me in a headlock (no joke) for the entire pony ride. But, I put her on, took her picture, and away she went! It was so fun to see her having a good time. I took video of just the end of the ride. She loved it.

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Janet Yates said...

So cute!! We miss MDO!