April 13, 2009

Resurrection Day

When Maggie woke up on Sunday, she got two surprises: an Easter basket brimming over with goodies from us, Gramma Sue and Gramma Amron, and an empty tomb!
Her cutie-patootie basket was jam-packed with stuff. I think next year I need to find a low and wide one, so I can display her goodies better... let's see what I find on clearance this year.

I got the tomb idea from "Treasuring God in Our Traditions" by Noel Piper on the Desiring God blog (click to see the entry). Anyway, I thought it was a neat way to let Maggie interact with the real meaning of Easter- building the hill then painting it, adding the crosses, and we even put a paper Jesus on the cross on Friday, then in the tomb with grave clothes. So on Sunday morning, when she woke up, the tomb was empty, symbolizing the fact that Jesus rose from the dead on that day.

He paid the penalty for our sins on the cross when He died, and his rising from the dead showed that His payment - the trade of his perfect life for our sins - was sufficient for God. No more sacrifices are needed, only faith! Yay!

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Janet Yates said...

That's a cool craft! I love it!