October 10, 2009

Before I Forget to Write it Down

I've been thinking I needed to do a post on the cute things Maggie is still saying. So here goes:

1) When learning her AWANA bible verses, she calls the bible reference the difference. For example, "Mommy, I already said the verse. I just wanna say the difference now."
2) I love you really much, I miss Daddy really much.
3) Pisgetti.
4) Moo-sic instead of music.
5) Frosted mini-wings.
6) Sleeping BLeauty.
7) When I was a little girl I ... (as if she isn't still mama's baby!)
8) "Well, maybe some other time?" When I tell her no or not right now.
9) She still uses an f-sound instead of th. "I'm free" instead of "I'm three." "I'm looking for somefing."
10) "What is your birfday called?" when asking what your birth date is.

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