October 9, 2009

New House Progress

Monday I got to go to the "Design Center" with our builder to pick out our colors for the walls, cabinets, vinyl floors, carpet, counter tops and exterior. Tyler and I went in quickly on Sunday to make sure we agreed on everything since he couldn't be at the actual meeting, and we pretty much agreed on everything.

Here's what we chose:
Maple cabinets, countertops, floor. It looks pretty close to the right colors on my laptop, but it may not be the right shade on your computer. It's all shades of warm brown/tan tones. The carpet is a two-tone short shag.
Tyler insisted on red brick outside. And I love the black shutters, so this was what we picked. We couldn't afford 100% brick outside, so the front will be brick, and everything else will be siding. I will miss having an all brick house... but the inside is SO worth it!

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