October 18, 2009

Quick Update

We're busy packing boxes in the Spaid household. This weekend we decided to rent a small moving truck for a pre-move move. We moved all the stuff out of storage that we had culled out of the house for staging and all the stuff in our attic to the garage we rented at the apartment complex. Wow. It was a lot of STUFF that we don't really NEED to keep. I am glad the new house we are building doesn't have a lot of storage now, whereas before I was sad about it. I'm thinking after we move in to our new house we will have a rockin' garage sale.

And, we had our "electrical" meeting this weekend. Basically we just pointed out on the map where we wanted the recessed lights in the kitchen, confirmed where we wanted ceiling fans, phone jacks, cable, and confused the site agent thoroughly with Tyler's questions about the surround sound system we are putting in the living room.

Maggie has been such a good girl with all of this. She plays nicely when I am unpacking things at the apartment (We were able to get in early), and did great last night while we unloaded the truck. It was getting late, so I let her watch Barbie Nutcracker on the portable dvd player. She did start crying at one point. She was sad that she couldn't dance in the cab of the truck along with her movie!

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