October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

This year Maggie really understood Halloween. And by understand, I mean, she realizes that she is going to get to wear a silly costume and get tons of candy. She was a "ballerina fairy" complete with pink hair to match her outfit. I think the fading bruise on her forehead is a nice touch, don't you?

I picked up this costume on clearance at The Children's Place outlet in Gatlinburg 2 years ago for $1.99, and Zayli used it last year. Best $2 I ever spent, except for maybe the princess costume that I got for the same price and she wore last year - which is now in her dress-up clothes and she wears it all the time... Anyway.

We took her to two events this year. Thursday our apartment complex had a "Trunk or Treat" party, where everyone brings their car to the community center and the kids can go from car to car collecting candy instead of going apartment to apartment. Tyler took Maggie, she had a great time, and got a bunch of candy. Tyler forgot the camera, so no pictures from this.

Friday CBC had their annual Fall Festival. I've never seen so many people there!!! Maggie had a great time running around with her friends. Didn't collect as much candy as I thought she would, but she had fun nonetheless. Plus, we stayed until the very end, and then just got to go around to the remaining buckets of candy and picked out a couple of our favorites.

Me and Maggie on the apartment steps. I found some awesome rub-on eyeshadow at Wal-Mart that looked kind of like a peacock, and you can't really see if in the photo but I fanned the back of my hair out like a peacock. Any excuse for crazy make-up!
Maggie and Daddy. She was NOT interested in having her picture taken again, she wanted to go to the gym and see all the fun stuff and eat dinner.
Sitting with Ellie and the other Maggie S. from church.
Here's Miss Bonnie, her Cubbies teacher at AWANA. Maggie loves Miss Bonnie, and asks each week if she will get to see Miss Bonnie at Cubbies.
Jumping in the moon walk. This one snapped right as she landed, look at her fun ribbons!
Fishing for treats.
And everyone remember this one from the past two years? Still her favorite booth. I had to escort her away before all the water was splashed out of the pool!
Maggie and Zayli.
A short video of Maggie and Zayli dancing, they were so sweet. We let them eat quite a bit of candy, so they ran around the gym nearly the entire time.

We got home pretty late, and she still needed to have a bath before bedtime to get all that pink out of her hair, but she zonked right out once she went to bed. I guess she didn't have too much candy!

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