October 9, 2009

Thankful that anything to do with the crawlspace falls under "man's work"

The man that did our home inspection said "have crawlspace evaulated for mold/mildew". Mold!? We were a little scared that any profit we made on our house would be eaten up by mold remediation. Thankfully the company we had come out and look at our house said our problem was a 1.5 on a scale of 1 - 10, and he did not see any of the bad black mold, just some white powdery mold which I guess is a better kind to have. He said we didn't need professional clean-up, but that we needed to wipe down all the joists under the house with a bleach solution. So that was great news for us. Not so great news for poor Tyler. He got to spend all day last Saturday under the house wiping everything down.
I'm so glad Lowe's sells those full-body throw-away suits. I did not want to have to put those nasty clothes in my washer. It took him nearly all day to get it done. Maggie thought it was great fun to yell at him through the vents and the floor to figure out where he was!

Sunday he and Seth laid down a vapor barrier in the crawlspace, which will help prevent any mold from returning. We thought it would take another 4 hours, but they got it done in and hour and a half. Yay!

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