August 25, 2010

Dancing! For Real!

Early this summer, a friend from high school mailed Maggie a gorgeous tutu (picture here)! She is a small business owner in the Seattle area, you can check out Kara's online shop here:

Anyway, since she got that tutu she has told everyone that would listen that she was going to do ballet in the Fall. Well, a couple of weeks ago when I realized we had about a week analyze the budget to see if we could fit it in and get registered and get her outfit and shoes, she was all cold feet. We decided she would do it until Christmas despite her protests, and see how it went, then reconsider.

Getting ready for her first lesson pretty much sealed the deal. Once she put on her tights and leotard and I had her hair ready to go, she was all smiles.
Standing still for me. I forgot to put her ballet shoes on, but you get the drift.
And her bun! Her hair is getting really long so I had plenty to work with. She was so excited to feel it up there.
She is taking a combination class of ballet, tumbling and tap. Her classroom is behind closed doors - parent supervision kinda messes with 3 & 4 year old attention spans - but they have closed-circuit TV in the waiting room. So I can still see her doing her dance lesson. Here she is in the very front right of the screen.
I have to say that watching her on that screen just made my heart soar with parental pride and happiness and so often I just want to laugh out loud as I watch her. So for two lessons now, I have just loved to watch my little girl spread her wings and learn to do something new totally apart from me. Her favorite part I think is the freestyle dancing where they pretend to be animals and flowers.

A quick video of her explanation of her first class (she mentions one ballet position then moves on to the freestyle stuff):

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