August 25, 2010

In the Lines

This past year has been frustrating at times with Maggie wanting to learn how to write, use scissors, color in the lines, etc. She has inherited some bad traits from both Mommy and Daddy (as children, we're not like that now, right?) - like if she can't do it right the first time she just gives up. I cannot tell you how often I have had to say to her "You have to practice if you want to learn... Not everything is going to be easy, so you have to practice... You have to practice, practice practice (I even have a song about it)."

So it is difficult "sometimes" to try to teach her how to do something that takes a lot of work, effort and practice. No amount of happy encouragement from us seems to make any difference. Perseverance is so hard to teach!

At this point she can write her name and most letters and can cut with scissors - each time she went through many days of frustration on each ability until she decided she could do it herself and to her satisfaction. But coloring in the lines has been the biggest challenge to date. Most of her friends are at least 6 months older, and their development/motor skills are ahead 6 months, so when she sees that they can do it and she could not, her frustration comes to a head and she ends up angrily scribbling on her papers and often takes them right to the trash.

Well: Last week she declared she can now color in the lines (whereas 2 weeks ago all she would bring home from Mother's Day Out and Sunday School were scribbled pages) and does a great job!
This kitty is still a calico, but it's all in the lines.
I am pleased that now she is happy to color, mostly staying in the lines all the time now, and not getting frustrated when she makes a small mistake.

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