August 11, 2010

First Look at Baby #2

Before I post the picture: I don't know what to call this baby yet. I feel bad that I keep calling this baby "Baby #2". Mostly because I like poop humor a little too much for my age, I guess? Anyway. Just my own problem. Sorry. I'm a mess over here.

Monday Tyler and I got to see our baby for the first time on ultrasound. Being nearly 10 weeks before my first appointment really messed with me, I tell you! By the week before my appointment, I got a little worried that all my "symptoms" were psychosomatic simply because I wanted a baby so badly for so long - that maybe I'd finally cracked and was making it all up (I think a lot of that is because this pregnancy has been quite different from when I carried Maggie). I KNOW it sounds crazy. But, the thought crept into my mind more than once. So, when the ultrasound started and I saw the big black egg shape that was my uterus, and then it moved onto the baby, I was overjoyed to say the least!
The baby is head down. You can see the little hand and foot, too. The best part was seeing the baby move. Must have been dancing time, because it was moving all over! So very exciting.

Baby's due date is still March 9th. I calculated the date right, and the ultrasound tech said at this stage the measurements can change by 3-5 days, so to just stay with the 9th. It would be nice if the baby could come 8 days early, for a great 33rd birthday present. =)

And now, back to my regularly scheduled nap time!

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