August 25, 2010

A Second Time, Really?!?!?

Saturday afternoon, 8/14, a tree fell in our yard. For the second time in 4 years, the Spaid family has had a close call with nature. You will recall that a tree fell during a storm at our old house.

Tyler was doing car maintenance in the afternoon, and the weather turned nasty - lots of thunder and lightning, and then the rain started. So he moved the car in the garage and kept working. The thunder decided to sit right on top of our house it felt like. And then Tyler came running in - a tree had just fallen in our driveway! And NO wind, so we know for sure this time it was lightning.

Tyler moved the car in the garage about 20 minutes before the tree fell, and I am SO glad, he could've been smooshed by the tree! We are so very thankful that only the grass sustained any damage - the dead tree gouged some pretty deep holes in the ground next to the driveway.

The bulk of the tree JUST missed the roof. Tyler had to crawl out of Maggie's window to clean up the small branches that ended up on the roof and in the gutter. THANKFULLY, there was no damage to the house or our cars.
That debris is right where Tyler and his car were about 20 minutes prior.
The tree resides on private property that abuts our property line. The "stump" is still about 20 feet high, but even if the rest of it falls now, it can't touch the house.

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