August 25, 2010

An Odd Bit of Babysitting

Right after Tyler got back from Mozambique (his post will be up someday - work for him is really busy right now) we watched his coworker's dog for the weekend.

Ellie is a miniature Chihuahua in the extreme! She was the runt of the litter, and weighs about 3 pounds. Maggie was overjoyed to have this little buddy for the weekend (and asked for quite some time when we were going to get a puppy). And I will say that Ellie was a VERY sweet dog, and not your typical chihuahua - not yippy, not too crazy, and NOT a nervous pee-er. But, I am fairly certain our weekend of babysitting has solidified for Tyler that we will not be getting a dog any time soon. And our cats did not appreciate having a new creature in the house AT ALL. Olive did not come out of hiding until the dog had left the premises completely.
Here she is on Tyler's lap on the way to a friend's house. We went to a friends for dinner, and knew we couldn't keep her kenneled up for that long: tiny dog means tiny bladder. So she spent the drive cuddled up on Tyler's lap. TOO SWEET! Our friends' kids loved Ellie, too. And Ellie loved being carried and mauled by them (and Maggie).

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