December 9, 2010

Baby James Update

Here I am at 27 weeks. Taken last night. Feeling enormous, the ground seems so far away already!
And baby James. Taken on Wednesday.
First, let's just admire this beautiful boy. His profile is very similar to Maggie's.

Wednesday I had an additional ultrasound as James measured big at the 20 week ultrasound (upper end of the weight scale, but his long bones were much longer than normal). Again yesterday, he was measuring large for his gestation: the OB said 75th-95th percentiles for weight, head, arms, and 95th PLUS for his leg bones. On an unrelated note, he did NOT like the ultrasound wand - he would kick and hit at it so hard it would almost bounce off my tummy.

I have taken both the regular gestational diabetes 1-hour test (came back elevated) and the 3-hour test which came back normal. The OB is now making me check my blood sugar 4x a day, and in the past week I have not been over the limits without changing my diet. Even after consuming moderate quantities of homemade fudge!!!

Personally I think I'm just growing a long baby! My dad is 6'5", his brother is 6'7". My brother Zach is 6'4", Brian is 6'1ish". Tyler is 6'2" and the shortest man in the Spaid family. His dad is 6'4/5", Uncle Ken is similar. Cousin Josh is 6'10", cousin Jason is 6'7". My cousin Tom on my mom's side is a tall order, too! But, the OB is not convinced, and I am going in for a high-level ultrasound at the end of the month to double-check all the measurements of the baby and go over my "dates."

The up side of all this is I get to see him on ultrasound again at the end of the month. It is just amazing what medical science can do, and I love seeing my little boy!

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