December 31, 2010

Latest James Update

Yesterday I had an ultrasound at the maternal fetal specialist's office to double-check all James' measurements and do some in-depth imaging. He is growing like a weed, or more appropriately, like a moose. Third trimester ultrasounds are not incredibly accurate, but they estimate his weight to be about 4 1/2 pounds right now at 30 weeks, which is about a pound and a half larger than normal. Other than being a very big boy (and might I say incredibly active), he is developing normally and is healthy as can be.

According to my OB, there is nothing left to do but just keep an eye on his growth, make sure my blood sugar remains stable and wait. Since full term is considered 37 weeks, he could come any time after Valentine's Day. As long as he is healthy, I'd prefer he come earlier, I am getting mighty uncomfortable!

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