December 15, 2010

It's Toof Time

Maggie lost her first tooth tonight. Her bottom middle teeth have been loose for some time. I noticed today that the tooth on my left was sitting just about completely behind her other tooth. So, I tied it up with some floss, and let her yank it out herself. She did it on the first try!
I quickly sewed a little pillow for her tooth to put under her own pillow. Don't look at the stitching, it was already past her bedtime, and I was not about to rip out stitches in felt.
My happy girl with her little pillow.
And, by the way, the Tooth Fairy will not be visiting the Spaid household. The Tooth Mouse will be visiting. She came to me one day last month and declared that the Tooth Fairy was not real, but that the Tooth Mouse would come get her teeth and leave her a quarter. And, get this, the Tooth Mouse is a MAN. Not like a tiny fairy-sized man, but a big man like Daddy. What an imagination!

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