December 21, 2010

Toof #2

Sunday morning Maggie lost tooth #2. By force (again). At breakfast it was SO crooked she looked like an Appalachian (pronounced: app-al-aCH-an) hillbilly, and I couldn't look at her any more. That crooked tooth freaked me out more than the thought of having to pull it out, so we got out the dental floss once more.

There was significantly more drama with this tooth - I couldn't get the slipknot to stay put. Maggie started to cry because she thought it would hurt, even though the first tooth didn't hurt at all when it came out. And I think 5 tugs later out came the tooth; the first four attempts were foiled when the slipknot came off her tooth. But there was very little bleeding.

We let her take her tooth to church to show her friends in Sunday School.

And then that night the Tooth Mouse struck again.

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