December 25, 2010

I Didn't Have to Dream of a White Christmas

We got one! Christmas Eve night it was snowing a little bit before we went to bed, and I hoped it would stay around long enough for Maggie to see it in the morning. It did, and it has been spitting little bits of snow all day now. Our back porch when we woke up:
Christmas Eve we went to church for the candlelit worship service. It was really nice, and Maggie did great holding her candle. Then we went to a friends for a Christmas party - thanks McKays! It was a lot of fun. I neglected to take photos of our fun. Oops!

Then about 8:45 we opened some presents. To lighten the load on Christmas morning. Because when we stay home in Nashville, there are so many wonderful presents to open from everyone that the blessings are a little overwhelming.

Love this rock star outfit for sweet baby James from Gramma Amron.
Bibs and an awesome onesie with applique tie for The Boy.
Modeling her new apron.
Look at that static! That poor child.
Enjoying her new TinkerBell sleeping bag from Gramma Amron and Grampa John.
We always cap of Christmas Even with the account of the birth of Christ from Luke chapter 2. Clearly this child ate too many cookies and sweets at the party at the McKays. Look at that crazy smile -oh, well!
Then "The Night Before Christmas" before bedtime. Maggie goes back and forth about the existence of Santa. We are fine with her believing in Santa as long as the focus at Christmas time is on the birth of Jesus and Santa is just for fun. But she really liked the poem. We forgot to put out milk or cookies, and thankfully she didn't notice.


Maggie told us every day (many times) for 2 weeks that she wanted a Baby Alive for Christmas. Looks like the jolly old man delivered.
Inspecting the long-awaited Baby Alive. We had to get it out of the box and get it ready for her so she could feed her dolly before we continued with the rest of the presents.
One of our family traditions: popcorn while we open presents. Tyler loves the popcorn tins. The one I picked up this year didn't just have the dividers, each flavor came in it's own bag. Not quite the same aesthetic in plastic bowls, but it still worked.
My mom has called Maggie her little peanut since before she was born. And now Maggie's got an ornament to prove it! So sweet.
My mom framed a picture of Tyler and Maggie from last Christmas. Maggie told him he needed to take it to work for his desk!
I love cake pops, and Bakerella. And I really love this cake pops book!!! So excited to make more of these.
Tyler enjoys Maggie's squinkies almost as much as Maggie does!
A glass birdie ornament from my mom. I love it!
Opening yet another gift. We let her open gifts in 2s and 3s so we'd all finish about the same time.
Look at this little man outfit for sweet Baby James from my dad. Love it!
Hammin' it up in the new vest from Poppy & Mimi.
New slippers from Tyler. Love 'em!
Ready to tear into her stocking after brunch. I will spare you a shot of my stocking pile, it was embarrassing. But also a lot of fun!
Playing soccer in the snow.
Posing with the collection of snowballs she and Tyler were making.
I've got a turkey roasting in the oven for dinner, a pie cooling on the counter, and my two favorite people playing on the Wii. We had a wonderful Christmas in Nashville this year, and hope you did, too!

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