December 23, 2010

MDO Christmas Program

I can't believe I almost forgot to put these up. Last week (12/16) Maggie was in her last Mother's Day Out Christmas Program. (sniff!) She got to be an angel this year. Here's her Pre-K class before the show. All her partners in crime were also angels. A little ironic to this mommy.

Hammin' it up for Mommy.
A quick picture with Mommy and sweet baby James.
With Daddy after the program and out of her costume.
And the best part EVER. During the program Maggie decided to pull down her tinsel halo and use it as sunglasses. So classic! I am bummed that I forgot to charge the video camera and only have it on my digital camera, so the quality isn't great because she was so far away. And I apologize for my comments during the video, but I just couldn't help myself!

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