December 29, 2007

Christmas in Phoenix, Part 1

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year! Our Christmas vacation started off in Phoenix, visiting Tyler's sister and family. We ended up having to stay an extra day in Phoenix unexpectedly, but we were able to change our flights at the last minute WITHOUT additional charge with Southwest. how awesome was that? Anyway, that's another story...

Tara just had baby girl #2, Gabriela (Gabby) Pearl on December 7th. We were so excited to meet Gabby for the first time! And, we were happy that we could see everyone at Christmas, since we knew they would not be traveling with a newborn.

Maggie and Alexis had a great time on the swingset. They went out with Uncle Alex, and once with Papa for 2 hours! It was a great break for the mommies. The Boys' matching PJ's. Tyler and Tara, enjoying our Christmas morning (we did our gifts together on the 23rd). A picture of a big group of stockings that I've made. There are only 3 left out that weren't there. Maggie holding "baby Babby". She just LOVED holding that baby! Gaga (Amron) got all three girls rolling backpacks for Christmas. It really helps with the flying - way more stuff can fit in there than Maggie's diaper bag. And, she loves to pull it herself, even though it took us 10 minutes to go the same distance that normally takes just 3 teeny-tiny minutes... the bag was just too heavy for her, but refused help at SeaTac. Last year Amron had me photoshop pictures of them with Maggie and Alexis. This year, at Tara's, I did another photoshop jobby in Microsoft Paint so we had a picture with EVERYONE smiling. It turned out pretty good for doing it in Paint in 20 minutes.

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