December 29, 2007

Christmas in Seattle, Part 2-Spokane

The 26th we headed across the snowy Cascades to Spokane, to my Dad's. The traditions there are as follows:
1) Roast Beast. That's what we call it, sorry. Every Christmas we have the very best prime rib on the planet. It is so good I never order prime rib, even at a good steakhouse for fear that it will not live up to my Dad's.
2) presents after dinner. At least this seems like a tradition now. This may be because they always fix the famous dinner for the night we get there.

This year, Sylvia's son, Bob, and girlfriend Melanie were able to join us. AIt was really nice to see them and meet Melanie, since we don't get to spend hardly any time with them. Maggie checking out Tyler's new paintball mask. Maggie with Poppy and Mimie.
We got to enjoy snow, too! It made for a stinky drive (but not dangerous), but Maggie loved all the snow, as long as she didn't have to touch it or get it on her boots. =)

Maggie also got to play with the baby llamas, but I didn't bring my camera for that, and I really wish I had. All we heard about on the car ride back to Seattle was "baby llamas, baby llamas"!

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